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Dust Containment Booth

Dustron Series

The Dust Control Booth From The Industry Pioneers of Push/Pull Regain Air

Dustron DB Series

The Original 99.9% Efficient Cartridge Dust Collector Booth

The Filter 1 Advantage

The first dust booth to implement the innovative regain of air principle, the Filter 1 Dustron increases worker comfort and visibility in the critical work areas. Capitalizing on the multiplied ventilation effect of "pushing" clean air out across the front of the booth as the blower "pulls" contaminated air into the filters, the Dustron provides velocities of 400/800 FPM at the center zone of the booth where the dust is being generated. With Filter 1's fully implemented, fully adjustable Push/Pull Regain Air, the Dustron enhances the conditions and productivity of operations within the booth.

Powerful Performance

Every feature of the dust collection section of the Dustron is designed for efficiency:

  • High Capture Velocity: Fully adjustable Regain Air for working area velocities of 400/800 FPM. The timer-controlled, automatic self-cleaning system consisting of solenoids, dump valves, and blow-down pipes assures that the booth consistently maintains its capture velocity.
  • High Performance Blowers: Low speed, high flow blowers have airfoil blades for high fan efficiency as well as low noise.
  • Efficient Filtration: Cartridge media proven 99.9% efficient in the capture of particles .5 microns and larger. Vertically-oriented cartridges 12.75" diameter X 30" long provide even, full-capacity filter loading and cleaning.
  • Dust Control: Dust-tight 12 gauge steel cabinet; louvered inlet to discourage dust migration.

Noise Control

The Filter 1 Dustron has built-in sound absorption benefiting the workers inside as well as outside the booth:

  • Solid Construction. Standard booth built with 18 gauge steel walls and ceiling.
  • Advanced Core Insulation. Sound-absorbing mats of two-inch fiberglass compressed to one inch.
  • Outer Layer. Further enhancement of sound attenuation with 5 mil aluminized vinyl-impregnated fiberglass cloth covering of mat.

Enhanced Work Environment

The Dustron is designed to provide optimal conditions for large industrial operations where dust and/or noise are a problem.

  • Freedom of Movement. The capture velocity provided throughout the booth means that workers are not "tied" to a limited surface space, source capture arm, or vacuum hose.
  • Visibility. The Dustron's effective source capture of smoke, fumes, and dust provides consistent visibility in the work areas of the booth. In addition the Dustron is well-lit with sealed and gasketed dust-tight fluorescent lights.
  • Safety/Productivity. Many dust booths provide containment without achieving effective environmental control within the booth. The Dustron is designed to effectively capture contaminants for the comfort and health of the booth workers.


The Filter 1 Dustron Environmental Control Booth is utilized for a broad spectrum of industrial contaminants and processes, including:

  • Welding
  • Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Chipping
  • Buffing
  • Air Arcing
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Mixing
  • Finishing
  • Polishing

When live sparks are created by grinding on steel or welding, our fire-retardant cartridges should be further protected by the optional spark trap and solid state spark detector.

Dustron Series

Model Cartridges HP HxDxW Filter Sq Ft
DB-8-12-7.5 12 7.5 90" x 8' x 8' 3,300
DB-10-16-7.5 16 7.5 90" x 8' x 10' 4,400
DB-12-18-15 18 15 90" x 8' x 12' 4,950
DB-16-24-2x7.5 24 2x7.5 90" x 8' x 16' 6,600
DB-20-28-2x7.5 28 2x7.5 90" x 8' x 20' 7,700
DB-24-36-2x15 36 2x15 90" x 8' x 24' 9,900
DB-30-48-3x7.5 48 3x7.5 90" x 8' x 30' 13,200



Cartridge size 12.75" diameter and 30" long
Cartridge area Each cartridge 275 square feet
Gauge of dust collector cabinet 12 Ga. carbon steel
Gauge of booth 14 Ga. carbon steel
Blower motor 208-230/460/60/3 TEFC
Number of valves 1 per 2 cartridges
Face velocity created by suction 150 FPM
Face velocity created by regain air 400/800 FPM
Regain air Adjustable from 0-100% of total
Dust drawer capacity 3 cubic feet each
Lighting 4 foot fluorescent tubes in sealed covers
Number of light fixtures 8'-3, 10'-3, 12'-4, 16'-5, 20'-6, 24'-7, 30'-8
Compressed air required 85-100 PSIG of dry, clean air
Motor starter Included
Power for controls and lighting 120 VAC/60HZ
Finish Epoxy paint (nitro blue)
Sound control Fiberglass-compressed and quilted with 5 mil. aluminized vinyl inpregnated fiberglass cloth cover

Dustron DPB Series

Multi-Stage Panel Filter Booth

A Practical Solution for Everyday Jobs

Does your operation generate less than 100 lbs. of particulate in a year? The Dustron DPB Panel Booth is a versatile, easy-to-operate control booth for light to moderate loads of dust, smoke, or fumes.

Flexible Filter System: Multi-stage, multi-efficiency 24" x 24" x 4" pleated media filters can be configured to fit a variety of industrial jobs. Available media ranges from inexpensive, lower efficiency pre-filters to high-efficiency HEPA quality filters.

Industrial standard size 24" x 24" x 4" nominal pleated filters can include:


  • Chevron
  • Impingers / Washable Impingers
  • Metal Mesh
  • Merv 3

Secondary Filters

  • Merv 3 - Merv 17 Filter Media
  • Microglass or Synthetic
  • ASHRAE or HEPA Safety Filters
  • Polyester
  • Nanofiber

Effective Dust Capture: The Dustron DPB uses direct-drive, backward inclined blowers for quiet operation as well as high static pressures. In combination with multiple pleated filters, the direct-drive blower gives the DPB a low air-to-media ratio, resulting in outstanding flow and velocity, and also an excellent dust-holding capacity.

Easy Maintenance: Disposable panel filters are easy to replace, and also easy to re-configure for different applications. A monitoring gauge indicates when filters need to be changed.

OSHA Compliance: The Dustron Panel Filter Booth provides the media selection and configuration to meet or exceed OSHA requirements for Fiberglass, Hexavalent Chromates, Lead, Beryllium, Composites, Wood, Plastic, and Metals.

A Containment / Collection Booth With Cost Economy

For industrial applications with low-to-moderate dust loads, the Dustron DPB offers a cost-effective approach to comprehensive dust control.

Reduced Initial Costs: The DPB Dust Booth offers the advantages of booth containment and collection without the expense of heavy-duty self-cleaning cartridge systems; there is no costly plumbing such as valves and headers, or high-end controls such as timers and solenoids.

Reduced Operating Costs: The DPB does not require compressed air, and the high-efficiency blower wheel, combined with the best new technology filter media, creates a very low pressure drop, resulting in optimal flow and velocity with the lowest possible energy cost. In addition, the Dustron DPB utilizes inexpensive, readily available, standard industry panel filters.

Classic Dustron Features: An Added Plus

Available options on the Dustron DPB include:

  • The "Push / Pull" Regain Air System, enhancing capture velocity up to 800 FPM in the working zone.
  • Environmental booth constructed out of 18-gauge galvanized sheet metal
  • Sound Insulation
  • Dust-tight Fluorescent Lighting
Typical Applications
  • Welding
  • Sanding
  • Woodworking
  • Overspray
  • Brazing
  • Grinding
  • Buffing
  • Surface Finishing
  • Powder Coating
  • Metalworking

Dustron DPB Single Panel Booth Series

Model CFM Dimensions Filter Sq Ft HP
DPB-8-16-57,6008'W--16 Filters4485
DPB-10-20-7.59,00010'W--20 Filters5607.5
DPB-12-24-1012,00012'W--24 Filters67810
DPB-16-32-2x515,20016'W--32 Filters8962x5
DPB-20-40-2x7.518,00020'W--40 Filters11202x7.5

Dustron DPB Double Panel Booth Series (One Booth with Two Sides)

Model CFM Dimensions Filter Sq Ft HP
DPB-2-8-32-10 12,000 8'W--32 Filters 896 10
DPB-2-10-40-15 18,000 10'W--40 Filters 1120 15
DPB-2-12-48-2x10 24,000 12'W--48 Filters 1344 2x10
DPB-2-16-64-2x10 24,000 16'W--64 Filters 1792 2x10
DPB-2-20-80-2x15 36,000 20'W--80 Filters 2240 2x15

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