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Dust Control Booths

General-Use Control Booth and Wet-Type Control Booth


The 99.9% Efficient Cartridge Collector / Booth

Using high suction velocity, filter various kinds of dust within a well-lit, sound-insulated workspace.

Kinds of Dust

Fine to medium particulate (as well as fumes and smoke) from wood, metal, composites, plastics, fiberglass, dry powder, cement, and toner.

Types of Processes

Sanding, grinding, buffing, chipping, air arcing, cutting, mixing, polishing, welding.

Filter 1 Customer Applications

The Dustron provides controlled air workspaces in a large variety of industries, including Military and Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing, National Laboratories, Helicopter Manufacturing, Mechanical Component Production, Medical Equipment Manufacturing, Musical Instrument Crafters, Steel Production, Air Force Base Operations, Electronics Manufacturing.

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Hydrotron HPB

Wet Type Environmental Control Booth

Safely clean and recirculate the air within a well-lit, sound-insulated workspace dedicated to operations which generate heavy sparks and/or potentially explosive dust.

Kinds of Dust

Aluminum, titanium, and other hazardous, potentially explosive dust.

Types of Processes

Sanding, grinding, deburring, buffing, packaging, processing.

Filter 1 Customer Applications

Customers utilizing the Hydrotron HPB include Metal Fabricators, Defense Contractors, Aircraft Manufacturers, Major Airlines, Air Force Base Operations, Manufacturers of Precision Sheet Metal Enclosures, Metal/Aluminum Products Manufacturers.

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