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Industrial Downdraft tables

Downtron Series

Heavy-Duty, All-Welded Downdraft tables with Integral Dust Filtration

Downtron DFF Series

The 99% Efficient Cartridge Collector Downdraft table

Custom Built to Fit the Application

This down draft table utilizes high efficiency media filters, work surface grating, suction velocities of 150-300 FPM across the entire work surface, and automatic power pulse cleaning. The unit is self cleaned on a solid state timer which can be activated by the operator regardless of whether the fan is off or on. The removed dust falls into pull-out drawers in the bottom of the cabinet. The filter media has been tested by two independent laboratories who have both measured efficiencies of 99.9% on all particles ½ micron or larger.

The Filter 1 Downtron table is built of heavy gauge carbon steel to withstand hard use. It is sized to fit the application and provides the flexibility needed for "cell manufacturing."


  • Custom Sizing to Fit Your Application
  • Blower Exhaust Stack Silencer
  • Work Surface Grating: Metal, Galvanized, or Stainless Steel, Non-Scratch Fiberglass, Rubber, or Wood; Various Hole Sizing
  • Carbon After Filters
  • Odor Absorption Modules
  • Safety After Filters -- Ashrae or HEPA
  • Safety Monitor Guage and Alarm
  • Motor Starters and Electrical Disconnects with Transformer for Cleaning Circuit Control and Lighting
  • Auxiliary Air and Power Outlets
  • Compressed Air Regulators and Filters
  • High Temperature Cut-Off of Blower
  • Sprinkler heads
  • "Off-line" Cleaning
  • Various Filter Media for Special Applications
  • Casters-- +2" to Height


  • Dust, fumes, and smoke from buffing, deburring, grinding, buffing, or sanding
  • Composites, fiberglass, metals, plastics, and wood

Downtron Series

Model CFM HP WxD* Filter Sq Ft
DFF-3-1-1.5 1,200 1.5 38"x32" 275
DFF-3-3-3 2,500 3 36"x36" 825
DFF-56-4-3 4,000 3 56"x48" 1,100
DFF-6-6-5-40 6,000 5 72"x40" 1,380
DFF-6-6-5 6,000 5 72"x48" 1,650
DFF-8-8-5 6,000 5 96"x48" 2,200
DFF-8-8-7.5 8,000 7.5 96"x48" 2,200
DFF-8-8-5-5W 6,000 5 86"x60" 2,200
DFF-10-8-5 6,000 5 120"x48" 2,200
DFF-10-8-7.5 8,000 7.5 120"x48" 2,200
DFF-10-10-7.5 8,000 7.5 120"x48" 2,750
DFF-12-16-7.5 8,000 7.5 144"x72" 3,300
*Standard Height = 36"

Downtron DFW Series

Downdraft table for the Woodworking Industry

Sanding Dust Made Simple

The DFW provides excellent performance for most wood sanding operations by combining our direct drive, backward-inclined wheel for efficient performance with standard MERV 11 panel filters for easy, cost-effective maintenance. (For special requirements, standard size 24x24x4 inch panel filters with application-specific media may also be used.) Both sides of the table have a six-inch overhang; all sides have side suction slots to catch dust from sanding over the edge, and the work-surface is constructed of rubber mat for ease of use with wood. The motor is mounted externally (out of the air stream).

Three Sizes

The DFW Series includes 36" tall, 4' wide tables in three lengths: 5 feet (our strongest performer), 7 feet, and 9 feet. As with all Downtrons, the DFW Wood Sanding tables are constructed of all-welded heavy-guage carbon steel for lasting, heavy-use performance.

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