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Dust Collectors

Cartridge, Bag, Cyclone, and Wet Collectors


The 99.9% Efficient Cartridge Dust Collector

Filter fine to medium dust, fume, and smoke from various industrial processes.

Kinds of Dust

Broad spectrum, including wood, composites, plastic, fiberglass, dry powder, metals, toner, cement, high static dust, sand, blasting media.

Types of Processes

Grinding, sanding, welding, fabrication, blasting, metallizing, powder coating, soldering, metal fabrication, plasma arc cutting, printing, trimming.

Filter 1 Customer Applications

Industries using the Pulsatron dust collector include Sheet Metal Processers, Welding Shops, Mechanical Equipment Manufacturers, Ship Builders, Cosmetics Manufacturers, Food Products.

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The 99.9% Efficient Continuous-Duty Pulse-Jet Baghouse Dust Collector

Filter fine to moderate-sized particles; curly, sticky, abrasive, "tough" dust; heavy dust loading; provide on-line filter cleaning for uninterrupted dust collection.

Kinds of Dust

Fine to medium particulate; heavy loading; wood, metal, plastic, and composites; particles that present special problems, including wood or metal shavings, hydroscopic dust, paper shreds.

Types of Processes

Sanding, chipping, planing, bailing, processing, blasting, cutting.

Filter 1 Customer Applications

Industries utilizing the Bagtron include Paper Products, Concrete Production, Food Processing, Forest Products, and Aircraft Parts Manufacturing.

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The High Efficiency Cyclone Dust Collector

Separate all moderate to large size particles, such as saw dust and metal grinding chips, for easy removal from the air stream.

Kinds of Dust

Coarse particles/chips of wood, metal, plastic, composites, paper.

Types of Processes

Chipping, grinding, shaving/planing, bailing, printing, trimming, cutting.

Filter 1 Customer Applications

Among customers using the Cyclotron are Wood Products Manufacturers, Major Utilities, and Shipping Companies.

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Hydrotron HWF

Ducted Wet Type Dust Collector

Safely capture hazardous, potentially explosive dust, such as aluminum and titanium.

Kinds of Dust

Aluminum, titanium, and other hazardous, potentially explosive dust.

Types of Processes

Sanding, grinding, buffing, deburring, packaging, processing.

Filter 1 Customer Applications

The Hydrotron HWF Dust Collector is in use by Major Aircraft Manufacturers and Airlines, Metal Cabinet Manufacturers, Military Base Operations, Medical Implants, and Metal Enclosure Manufacturers.

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