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Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants, Inc.

Specialists in Custom Dust Collection Systems for Industrial Applications

For almost twenty years, Filter 1 has been designing and manufacturing industrial air filtration systems. As a custom dust collector manufacturer, Filter 1 is an engineering-intensive company. All of our dust collection systems are designed by registered Professional Engineers, who are also happy to answer questions about industrial dust collection needs and equipment. Our products are available through a network of full-service air cleaning specialists across the United States and Canada.

Custom Design

Many industrial applications are better served by a custom system rather than by an "off-the-shelf" unit. Every day, Filter 1's Professional Engineers customize designs throughout the product line. Routine custom design includes:

  • Integrated special features, such as a crane slot, a pneumatic turn-table or an adjustable up-and-down table, multiple hoppers, or a wet spark trap.
  • Custom dimensions to fit in tight spaces.
  • Fan selection for optimal performance and efficiency, ranging from low pressure, very high volume fans with high energy efficiency to applications with high pressure requirements.
  • Specific needs, such as OEM filtration units to fit on standard equipment, carbon units for VOCs, or spray disposal units for a testing lab.

Unique Products

Filter 1 has also introduced products that are unique in the industry.

  • The Hydrotron wet dust collector is available not only as a ducted collector, but also as a downdraft workstation and wet collector booth.
  • The Benchtron "Super Bench" downdraft table is an enclosed workstation, single or double (back-to-back), of variable dimensions, with regain air.
  • The Dustron dust collection booth introduced "push-pull" regain air to the industry.

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